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Warehousing and Distribution

With facilities located in Pennsylvania, halfway between Philadelphia and Harrisburg and just off the Pennsylvania Turnpike, we are strategically located to receive, consolidate and store/cross-dock products for redistribution in the northeast and Mid-Atlantic States. Additionally we serve as a gateway for storage and redistribution throughout the U.S. of products arriving at any of the east coast ports and can easily handle storage requirements. Our storage areas maintain up-to-date food safety and organic certifications. Learn more...

Transportation Solutions

Utilizing our company-owned fleet of trucks Sunrise Logistics provides regularly scheduled truckload and less-than-truckload deliveries to most of the major food distribution centers and retail chain locations in the northeast and Mid-Atlantic States. Longer-haul transportation services are provided using a combination of our fleet and a network of contracted carriers and we facilitate and manage cross-country shipments utilizing over-the-road trucks in addition to intermodal and rail transportation. Learn more...

Robust Supply Chain Services

Supply chains can be highly complex and unique as well as simple and straightforward. Sunrise Logistics offers many additional supply chain services that can be customized to meet unique customer needs. Our services can be linked together as full end-to-end solutions or can be integrated as a part of your existing supply chain. Learn more...


Our experienced logistics team has extensive knowledge and expertise in managing supply chain services. This allows your team to concentrate on what they do best without the additional worries of executing the supply chain. The values driven Sunrise Logistics team operates on the principle that they are an extension of your company, brand, and people.

Distribution Map

Current delivery locations