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In The News

Port of Miami


Sunrise Logistics announces that it is providing forward distribution services from the Port of Miami to several East Coast and Midwest destinations.

Chilean and American Chamber of Commerce


Proud to be a new member of Chilean and American Chamber of Commerce, Sunrise Logistics continues to expand its customer base by handling Chilean imports.

United Fresh Produce Association


General Manager Rob Kurtz joins United’s Supply Chain Logistics Council. Being part of the council gives Sunrise Logistics, along with many other volunteer leaders, an opportunity to speak into current issues and help to shape the future of our industry.

Northeast Ports


Services are being provided to several import companies ranging from transportation of products from the ports, extended storage, product inspection and packing, cross-docking and redistribution. Throughput volume is expected to surpass last year's volume significantly with the addition of several new accounts and will continue through various growing seasons.

Multi-Vendor Consolidation Point


Sunrise Logistics has established itself as a multi-vendor consolidation point for a growing list of customers looking to increase efficiency and distribution of product. Originally offered to customers within the produce industry, Sunrise Logistics’ new service is quickly expanding into other categories requiring temperature controlled storage and transportation.

Alternative to Higher Fuel Prices


With the increase in fuel price, intermodal service from the west is looking better and more efficient than ever before. In response to this, Sunrise Logistics is leveraging volume and major carrier relationships to help expedite inbound commodities. Used as an alternative to traditional transportation, this service results in additional cost efficiency. Whether temperature controlled or dry, Sunrise Logistics’ intermodal service is an innovative alternative.

Primus Audit Results


Sunrise Logistics announces its "Superior" rating on the latest Primus audit conducted in May. Primus also certified Sunrise Logistics as meeting the requirements of the USDA National Organic Program.